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I undertake to report only the knowledge that I have seriously acquired, to practice within the limits of my skills and my experience and to redirect the client, if necessary, to a doctor or another therapist.

Not being a doctor, I refrain from:

- make a diagnosis

- to prescribe medication

- to interrupt medical treatment

- to make a prediction

Under no circumstances will I suggest to my client that he can do without medical monitoring.

I warn the customer that I have an obligation of means and not of result and that I can in no way guarantee a result or a success.

I undertake to respect the client in terms of his integrity
physical and moral, particularly in not having an attitude,
gesture or word that could lead to confusion.

I am committed to  respect the secrecy of all information
confidential nature.

Treatments performed: energy depollution - disenchantment - exorcism - quantum treatments - sound therapy.


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