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I searched for myself for many years… a cheerful and confident little girl, yet I felt different from other children. Internal at 10, there began the worst years of my life… bullying, bullying, isolation… (you know how mean girls can be to each other?) and yet, I feel so strong inside; I already know, despite my young age, that there is one or more reasons for these ordeals. As a teenager, I implore Heaven, the Universe, to protect me, to guide me and to kindly reveal to me what my specific gifts are. The spiritual world already attracts me, but it is only 30 years later that I receive the long-awaited information, at random from an oracle, where I draw the “Healer” card. It was the click and the beginning of a great adventure! Today, after many training sessions, I find myself calm, serene and confident in offering you my energy treatments and thank you in advance for the trust you place in me.

I sincerely thank all the people who passed on their knowledge to me and especially Giovanna.


Thérapeute certifié

Mediumship and Healing

Introductory and advanced course in the Ecnira method: depollution care, quantum care, geobiology

Conscious and Connected Communication

Intuitive communication

Introductory and advanced course in channeling, clairaudience...

Guidance, consciousness, memories, time and telepathy

animal communication

Introduction to animal communication with Lucile Devlaeminck.

Sound therapy

Sound massages with Tibetan bowls, group sound relaxation, therapeutic tuning forks

portrait Agnès Gasnier
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