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Energy depollution (or energy deworming) – Complete care

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for people, places of life or work as well as animals, and more!

Feel like you're blocked?  Not to move forward?

Repetitive patterns , unstable mood, prone to anger, phobias , nightmares, fatigue , headaches or migraines are often symptoms of energy pollution . Through our painful experiences, our repressed emotions, the meeting of people with a particular problem, knots are created in us, slow us down, even completely block us...

Depollution care is THE key care, the liberating care of yourself!

Exorcism - Disenchantment

One thing that often frightens many people, a somewhat taboo subject, is the fact that a place, a house or a person can be "  possesses  by a satanic entity . It is then necessary to practice a  exorcism  in order to expel this entity and regain serenity.

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Quantum healing, energy health, addictions

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This treatment comes after having carried out the main "depollution" treatment because it is preferable to have freed yourself from what disturbs the body and the mind before thinking about re-balancing them energetically... This treatment aims to refocus the different bodies subtle and allows a better circulation of physical and subtle energies in the energy centers (the chakras).

Sound therapy

In the universe, everything is energy and vibration , which is why sound therapy resonates with each of us. The instruments used are numerous and different according to the therapists: Tibetan bowls , crystal bowl, chimes , cymbals, gongs, percussion….

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"The ills of the body are the words of the soul, so one should not seek to heal the body without healing the soul."

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