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Energy depollution (or energy deworming) – complete treatment

  • Energy depollution of people


Feel like you're blocked? not to move forward?

Repetitive patterns, unstable mood, prone to anger, phobias, nightmares, fatigue, headaches or migraines?

These are often symptoms of energy pollution . Through our painful experiences, our repressed emotions, the meeting of people with a particular problem, knots are created in us, slow us down, even completely block us...

Most of the manifestations deemed undesirable reflect energy barriers such as protective walls, shields, put in place throughout our lives. Negative thoughts, resentment… create energy faults in the aura. It's time to free yourself from all this to revive the natural energy circulation to get better, finally!

This energy treatment allows many releases. Our “visible” world constantly rubs shoulders with the “invisible” and interactions inevitably exist. Thus, it is possible to find attached to our physical and subtle bodies wandering souls who have not yet ascended into the Light or different more or less negative entities . These presences can tire us because they feed on our energy, and, depending on the type, affect our behavior: instability of mood, anger, nastiness...

Likewise, we can be victims of damaging magic , which prevents us in one area or another. These magics can come from people who have bad intentions towards you. They can also come from people you meet by chance; they kindly "bequeathed" to you, involuntarily of course, the magic they carried...  They can also be active through the presence of cursed objects (the great-grandfather's watch, the painting bought at the flea market, etc.).

Toxic ties and membership in certain egregores can also disrupt our energy and well-being.

This very complete treatment, called " energy depollution " or " deworming " allows you to free yourself gently, within the limits of what is possible at this precise moment in your life, depending on the path taken.

The depollution treatment that I propose to you therefore includes cleaning:

  • Wandering souls, astral presences

  • Entities, negative elementals

  • Of the various curses and of all the magic of failure, of impediment, of damage….

  • Negative energies, imprints and memories

  • toxic links

  • And many others !....

mandala énergétique
  • Energy depollution of living / working places

Maisons de village

Because of their history and their function , our habitats, grounds, workplaces can also carry magic , negative memories of toxic links , cosmo-telluric phenomena ... which can harm these occupants.

You might be led to believe that a new house doesn't need it... think again! The house (or the apartment) can preserve the memory of the workers, the conflicts related to its construction... or the memory of the ground on which it is built; there may have been violence in the past, burials or buried objects that energetically "pollute" the house.


From a geobiological point of view, we can also find disturbing phenomena: water vein, different networks, chimney, vortex...  

My treatment includes  complete depollution of the site and geobiological harmonization .

  • Animal depollution

animaux domestiques: chiens et chats

Health problem,  food,  behavior,  odors , cleanliness ?

These are possible signs of energy pollution... animals, domestic or not, can find themselves polluted and most often by our own loads .... The domestic animal often accepts to take the polluting load of "its human" out of love for him.

This specific treatment is specially dedicated to them!

  • Particular point, file

You may have understood... everything can be cleaned up! A particular problem, a file that is not moving forward , a legal problem,  financial ?

I can help you energetically to release blocking situations, so do not hesitate to test the service!


Testimony of an energy depollution treatment:

“… suddenly, I felt soothed, like the digestion of anger. Thanks very much. »

CL January 2020

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